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  • Safeguarding

Pastoral Support

Here at St Anne's we are committed to ensuring all children receive the support they need to thrive and this includes supporting their social and emotional development. We have developed and continue to develop nurture groups, additional 1:1 support, and parental support we also have close links with external agencies in order to seek additional services should it be needed. As all children and families are unique we try to tailor the support we offer in order to meet the individual needs. We understand that a positive sense of self and the ability to form good relationships are the key to future happiness and success. With this in mind we take our responsibility to foster a warm and friendly environment where children feel valued and respected very seriously. Parents are encouraged to speak to their child’s class teacher or the pastoral lead should they have any worries or concerns regarding their child’s social and emotional development.

Our aim is to support children to receive the most out of education and fulfil their potential, we know that not all children’s circumstances are the same and therefore engaging in learning may result in some children facing barriers and different challenges. We will do all we can as a school to support children to overcome their distinct challenges in order to enable them to access learning effectively and therefore fully enjoy their time in our care. 


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